MAHI MAHI RESTAURANT has been specially created for you with warm friendly atmosphere. It is located near the sea and swimming pool with open air seating, and features an open style kitchen, where you can watch your food being prepared by our Chef. Our menu is extremely varied and we are certain that you will enjoy the experience. From Appetizers to Main Courses, we can serve you with a selection of fresh Seafood, Meat and Vegetarian dishes. Meal can’t be complete without fresh fruit juices and shakes, coffee, tea or a dessert facing Apo Island. We are sure you will enjoy dining here!

Open hour of our restaurant is from 7.00 am to 9.30 pm. Free breakfast for stay-in guests is serve A la Carte from 7.00 to 10.00 am. Please, inform the waiter about early breakfast during the dinnertime. You can order extra breakfast by the menu for additional payment. You could order your meal in advance if you want to receive it on time.

OUR Menu

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PLEASE NOTE ! For MAHI MAHI DIVE RESORT in house guests * FREE Breakfast a la Carte is included in the room price / per person

All Breakfast will be served with Seasonal Fruits ( Mango, Banana, Papaya or Pineapple)

American Breakfast

Sunny side up/Scrumbled (two eggs), Bacon/ Ham, Fresh Bread, Butter, Coffee/ Tea

₱ 265


Longsilog / Bangsilog / Cornsilog / Tosilog with Coffee/ Tea

₱ 250

Fitness Breakfast

Fresh Fruits, Flakes, Milk / Yoghurt, Coffee/ Tea

₱ 250


2 Russian Pancakes «blini» / 2 Filipino Pancakes,Butter, Honey, Coffee /Tea

₱ 150

Spanish Breakfast

Spanish Omelette, Fresh Bread, Butter,Coffee /Tea

₱ 250

Oatmeal/ Porridge

Fresh Bread, Jam, Butter,Coffee / Tea

₱ 150

Crispy fried Calamares (100g)

with Garlic Aioli Dip

₱ 220


with Sweet Chili Sauce

₱ 180

Ahi Tuna Carpaccio (100g)

with Capers Lime Dressing

₱ 180

Pork Meatballs (5pcs)

with Mango Chutney Sauce

₱ 190

Bufallo CHicken WIngs (200g)

With Hot Souce

₱ 200

Caesar Salad with Caesar Dressing and Garlic Bread

Lettuce, Bacon and Croutons

₱ 180

Garden Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette and Garlic Bread

Fresh Mixed Greens

₱ 180

Jack’s Salad with Basil-Tomato Vinaigrette and Garlic Bread

Mixed Vegetables, Boiled Egg, Ham and Cheddar Cheese

₱ 180

Spaghetti with Bolognese Sauce

Served with Garlic Bread/ Plain Bread

₱ 210

Linguine with Carbonara Sauce

Served with Garlic Bread/ Plain Bread

₱ 210

Fettucine with Seafood Marinara

Served with Garlic Bread/ Plain Bread

₱ 305

Penne with Pesto Sauce

Served with Garlic Bread/ Plain Bread

₱ 205

Sinigang Shrimp (200g)

Shrimp and Mixed Vegetables

₱ 350

Mixed Seafood Soup (200g)

Shrimp, Fish and Squid

₱ 295

Spicy Chicken Cardamom (200g)

Chicken Breast, Cardamom,Potato, Carrots and Coconut Milk

₱ 195

Pork Sinigang (sour soup)

with Steamed rice, Pork Belly (200g),  and mixed Vegetables

₱ 300

Bicol Express

with  Spicy Coconut sauce and Steamed rice, Pork Belly (200g), Coconut Milk, Garlic and Chili

₱ 210


Fresh Fish (200g), Tomato, Onion, Milk and Crushed Chicharon

₱ 290

Stuffed Boneless Bangus

with Soy Sauce and Steamed rice, Boneless Bangus, Onion, Garlic, Ginger and Calamansi

₱ 215

Sweet and Sour Pork

with Steamed rice, Pork Tenderloin (200g), Carrots, Bell Pepper, Pineapple and Tomato sauce

₱ 200

Pancit Canton

Local Noodles, Mixed Vegetables, boiled Egg and Chinese sausage

₱ 210

Bihon Guisado

Crystal Noodles, Mixed Vegetables, Egg and Calamansi

₱ 210

Steamed Fish Fillet (200g)

with Green Peppercorn sauce, Atchara and one side dish

₱ 395

Pork Schnitzel (200g)

with Mushroom Gravy sauce, Buttered Vegetables and one side dish

₱ 330

Chicken Roulade (200g)

with Creamy Cilantro sauce, Buttered Vegetables and one side dish

₱ 395

Grilled Tuna Steak (200g)

with Tomato Salsa, Atchara and one side dish

₱ 375

Grilled Bacon Wrapped Shrimp (200g)

with Chipotle sauce, Buttered Vegetables and one side dish

₱ 495

Grilled Brazilian Beef Tenderloin (200g)

with Madeira sauce, Buttered Vegetables and one side dish

₱ 495

Buttered Garlic Shrimp (200g)

with buttered Vegetables and one side dish

₱ 350

Grilled Chicken (200g)

with Teriyaki Sauce and one side dish

₱ 310

Homecut Fries

₱ 60

French Fries

₱ 60

Mashed Potato

₱ 60

Steamed Rice

₱ 30

Garlic Rice

₱ 35

Fried Rice

₱ 40

Classic Burger with Fries and Mahi Sauce

Beef Patty (200g), Lettuce and Tomato

₱ 210

Cheese Burger with Fries and Mahi Sauce

Beef Patty (200g), Cheddar Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato and Onion

₱ 215

Mahi Mahi Diver’s Fish Burger with French Fries and Mahi Sauce

Ground Fish (200g) , Lettuce, Tomato and Coleslaw

₱ 200

Chicken Clubhouse Sandwich

Chicken Breast (200g), Boiled Egg, Lettuce and Bacon

₱ 215

BLT Sandwich

Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato

₱ 210


Mixed Fruits, fresh Milk, Shaved Ice, and Scoop of Ice Cream

₱ 180

Mango Float

All Purpose Cream, Condensed Milk, Graham Crackers and Sliced Mangoes

₱ 190

Mango Panna Cotta

Ripe Mangoes, Unflavored Gelatin, Condensed Milk and Cream

₱ 180

Seasonal Fruit Platter – choice of 3

Mango / Avocado / Banana / Watermelon / Papaya

₱ 230

Icec Cream (per Scoop)

Vanilla, Strawberry, Mango and Chocolate

₱ 55

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